Page 4

“Page 4” is literally the fourth page of the handout that Dr. Westman and Dr. Yancy used in their research studies, and at the Duke clinic for 13 years. Much of the wisdom of “Page 4” comes from its long history of use–it was developed by Dr. Robert C. Atkins and Jackie Eberstein and they improved it with 30 years of clinic experience before Dr. Westman started studying and using it!

Page 4 is now available for immediate download at:

The Official Dr. Westman Page 4 Diet

If you are just starting a keto diet or at a “stall or plateau,” please watch the Page 4 Teaching Class youtube video by Dr. Westman. In this video, he explains how Page 4 works.

(All proceeds from the sale of Page 4 will be used for administration, research, or education expenses for the advancement of low carb, keto lifestyles. Send comments to

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